Richard Rieser
Disability Equality


With our experience of working with organisations at all stages of developing inclusive education, we can provide valuable assistance to you in developing the policies and practice of your organisation.

We can help advise on policy development, help you win over others in your organisation, and provide advice on practical solutions to barriers to full inclusion.

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Supporting Schools in Building Schools for the Future - Disability Access Consultation Available.

Richard Rieser has provided advice to the Architects and Governors of a number of schools on the Disability Access requirements and design of their new and refurbished school buildings under the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) scheme. There is a world of difference between compliance with Section M of Building Regulations and taking this opportunity to get a fully accessible school. Remember the Governors are now under a Duty to Promote Disability Equality (Disability Amendment Act 2005) and this includes all types of procurement under the Act. This is all about anticipating future uses of the school.

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