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World of Inclusion

QCDA Qualification and Curriculum Development Authority.

This disability equality material is designed to help primary and secondary teachers to embed teaching and learning about disability equality positively in their practice and planning of the curriculum.

The material was developed by World of Inclusion with the support and sponsorship of the Qualification & Curriculum Development Agency. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the position of the QCDA.

It is highly recommended that teachers using the material here read this article Understanding the Social Model of Disabilityand what it means when raising disability in the School Curriculum.

Below you can download some of the materials that have been developed with schools working on the project.

Resources for raising disability in the curriculum, written and web based download

QCDA Disability and Curiculum film clips  Nine films of schools working on the project - www.redweather.co.uk/disabilityinthecurriculum

Comic Relief Wall General Resources
Disabled People who have made a Difference. download
Impairment, Barriers and Solutions. download
Language and Terminology. download
Making Sense of Disability. download
When part of your body does not work KS2. download
KS2 Disability Equality Starter Lesson. download
The Wall - A short video made with Comic Relief (33MB).  download
Understanding Disability - The Social Model of Disability and Human Rights. download
Ways of Promoting Positive Attitudes Toward Disabled People For Pupils. download

Disability Myths and Legends. - This PowerPoint presentation examines the ancient Greek myths of Hephaestus, Medieval myths of Changelings and modern African myths of Albinos. preview pdf  Powerpoint (33MB)
Primary Ks2 Yr 5/6 Disability Equality lesson - Here is a sample lesson to round up the unit on Myths and Legends with Year 5/6. Developed by Linton Williams, St Matthias Primary download
Poems that were written by Class 5/6 St Matthias, Hackney after work on Myths and Legends. download

Richard III

Secondary English
Poems with a disability focus.  download
English Work in KS3 and KS4.  download
Examples in the news.  download
Hacked Off - A Journalist's guide to disability.  download
Stereotypes - Defying stereotypes: the way forward.  download
What is in the Headlines?  download
A case of human rights by Simon Brisenden.  download
Richard III and the portrayal of disability.  download
Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo - Disability Aspects.  download

Secondary Maths
Maths Activities on Disability and Employment in the United Kingdom.  download
Disability and employment statistics.  download
Factsheet - Employment.  download
Disability and employment statistics definitions.  download
Data and Information on Disability and Employment in United Kingdom.  download
Mathematical basis of the Braille Code. (The following lesson was developed by Maths Department at Anthony Gell Secondary, Derbyshire.) lesson plan  templates  codes 

Federico Secondary History
Federico da Montefeltro.  download
First World War and Disability.  download
The Letter to a Teacher.  download
Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health - Germany 1933.  download
Nazi euthanasia order 1st September 1939.  download
The French Revolution.  download
Schooling for disabled pupils 1900-1950.  download
History - First World War. (The attached powerpoint and lesson plan and materials were developed for Year 8 at Anthony Gell School, Derbyshire by Sarah Tomlinson and David Everett.) powerpoint  lesson plan  worksheets  Medicine at War

Secondary Science
The Human Body and its Impairments.  download
Common impairments and their causes.  download
Common Impairments Visible and Invisible. (Developed by Chris Carr of Anthony Gell Secondary School, for Year 8 Science.) Powerpoint  lesson plan  worksheets

Disability in the USA - Census 2000.  download

Staff Benda Bilili Music
Ludwig van Bethoven.  download
Porgy and Bess.   download
Johnny Crescendo and Direct Action Network.  download  Listen to 2 of Johnny's songs track 2 track 3
Staff Benda Bilili.  download

Science and History
Background on Eugenics.  download
Ovitz family.  download
Lest we Forget.  download  This shows how the Nazis applied the ideas of the Eugenics movement to exterminate up to 1 million disabled people as a precursor of the Holocaust.

Frida Kahlo Art
Breughel painter of the people 1521-1569.  download
Frida Kahlo.  download
Art KS2/KS3 2 sessions examining different disabled artists life and works.  download

Modern Languages
The French Revolution.  download

Sport and PE.
The Paralympics.  download

Developing Inclusive Education.  download
Schooling for disabled pupils 1900-1950.  download
Alison Lapper - Statue in Trafalgar Square.  worksheet  cuttings  headlines  quotes

Vic Finklestein Citizenship and Secondary History.
These six posters were produced by the Birmingham Disability History Project and focus on six leading members of the British Disability Movement and their role in bringing about rights for disabled people.

Ian Stanton - Natural Born Rebel.  download
Paul Hunt - Institutions are not solutions.  download
We are not Objects of Pity - Block Telethon.  download
Vic Finklestein - Building A Movement.  download
DAN - To Boldly Go Where Everyone Else Has Gone Before.  download
Not Dead Yet - Jane Campbell.  download
Dave Lupton Cartoons - writing as Crippen
Crippen asks Bob Williams-Findlay to share his experiences with the Spastics Society.  download
Equality issues don't fit in silos.  download
Crippen looks at Neurodiversity.  download


Citizenship and Personal Social Education.
Johnny Crescendo and Direct Action Network.  download

Work in Primary Schools (14 Schools)
Click on the School name below to download a pack with write-up, pictures and supporting materials.
Batheaston Primary
Brighton and Hove Primary
Davigdor Infants
Essex Primary School
Fairway Primary Birmingham
Halley Primary
Hawksworth Wood Primary, Leeds
Hillside Primary Kirklees
Mill Lane Primary, Stockton-on-Tees  film
Orion Primary Barnet
St Matthias Primary Hackney  film
St Patricks Primary Lewisham
St Peters Primary Wapping  film
Yarm Primary Stockton-on-Tees  film

Work in Secondary Schools (8 Schools)
Anthony Gell Secondary, Derbyshire  film
Ashcroft Academy Wandsworth
Bethnal Green Technology College  film
City of York Consortium
Clapton Girls Technology College
Ellen Wilkinson Girls Ealing
South Camden Community  film
Whitton Secondary Richmomd

Work in Special Schools (3 Schools)
Ashfield Special School
Cherry Tree Special
Grove Park Special, Brent